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St. Patrick's Day
is coming in just


Cliffs of Doneen
Danny Boy
Down by the Salley Gardens
Fields of Athenry
Four Green Fields
Kevin Barry
Only our Rivers Run Free
Plastic Bullets
Raglan Road
Red is the Rose

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Irish Music


This song was recorded and popularized by the great Luke Kelly of the Dubliners in the 1960s.  The words, written by Paddy Kavanagh, were set to the traditional air 'Fainne Gael an Lae' (The Dawning of the Day).  This poem was first published in 1946 under the name "Dark haired Myriam ran away".

Raglan Road

On Raglan Road of an Autumn day
I saw her first and knew,
That her dark hair would weave a snare
That I might someday rue.
I saw the danger and I passed
Along the enchanted way.
And I said,"Let grief be a fallen leaf
At the dawning of the day."

On Grafton Street in November, we
Tripped lightly along the ledge
Of a deep ravine where can be seen
The worth of passion play.
The Queen of Hearts still making tarts
And I not making hay;
Oh, I loved too much and by such and such
Is happiness thrown away.

I gave her gifts of the mind,
I gave her the secret signs,
That's known to the artists who have known
The true gods of sound and stone.
And her words and tint without stint
I gave her poems to say
With her own name there and her own dark hair
Like clouds over fields of May.

On a quiet street where old ghosts meet
I see her walking now,
And away from me so hurriedly
My reason must allow.
That I had loved, not as I should
A creature made of clay,
When the angel woos the clay, he'll lose
His wings at the dawn of day.


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